New KUHN self-propelled mixer wagon range SPV access and SPV power

The new SPV access and SPV power self-propelled mixer wagon models have been designed to provide farmers with a very compact, low height, easy to handle machine.

These SPV models with a single vertical auger are designed with a rear steering axle allowing for a short turning radius.

Approved at 25 km/hour, the range features several models to meet the needs of all individual farmers:

  • SPV access: 12, 14 and 15 m3 versions with a 70 hp milling head
  • SPV power: 12, 14, 15 and 17 m3 versions with a 100 hp milling head

These machines complement the SPV intense range which already exists in 10, 12 and 14 m3 versions approved at 25 and 40 km/hour.

New SPV access/power, loading:

  • With 75 and 100 hp, the milling head allows to load all the products used for farming: hay, straw, haylage, silage, beet, etc.
  • Electronic milling head control on the downstroke adapts the loading rate to the fodder density without damaging the structure value.
  • The broad conveyor (650 mm) ensures regular supply of the mixing hopper.

New SPV access/power, mixing:

  • Available in 12, 14 and 15 m3 versions for the ACCESS model and up to 17 m3 for the POWER model, the SPV self-propelled wagon features the single vertical auger concept for quick cutting of fibrous products and an aerated mix of the silage-based rations.
  • The hopper is positioned between the two axles and supported on a frame. This assembly allows for low hopper height: 15 m3 for an overall height of less than 3.00 m.
  • The hydraulically driven mixing auger ensures a variable speed from 0 to 50 min-1 allowing for the hopper to be completely and quickly emptied.KUHN_SPV ACCESS&POWER (4)

New SPV access/power, feeding:

  • These models are even more compact and feature direct right and/or left-hand side feeding.
  • As an option for narrow passages, a retractable feed conveyor under the hopper is available.
  • For farmers using extra-high troughs, the feeding chutes feature a hydraulically tilting conveyor available in different lengths.

New SPV access/power, comfort and performance:

  • With 170 hp (126 kW), the JDPS Stage A constant speed engine is positioned at the front at 90° with respect to the machine motion. The machine components are accessible for easy maintenance.
  • Depending on the farmers choice the machine can be driven using a joystick or a foot pedal.
  • The cab is fitted with a 3.5-inch VT30 terminal or a 5.6-inch VT50 terminal. Intuitive handling with three work modes: loading mode, feeding mode and travel mode.
  • All KUHN self-propelled mixer wagons feature a comfortable spacious cab with maximum visibility for safety.
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