McCormick Corporate Partnership with NAAC

Ray Spinks, General Manager and Sales Director at AgriArgo, says the National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC) is widely recognised as doing a good job for professional operators providing services in agriculture and other land-based sectors.

“Apart from generally promoting the advantages of using contractors and supporting them with advice and information, the NAAC does a lot of behind-the-scenes work, representing the interests of contractors at the highest level,” he points out.

“The NAAC contributes contractor perspectives in consultations by government and regulating authorities, has created good working practice standards to reinforce professionalism and provides valuable guidance on many aspects of business management.

“Individual contractors have just one voice; but as members of the NAAC, they have a much stronger collective voice to express their views and interests.”

AgriArgo will make its corporate member debut at the NAAC’s Contractor 2017 event, the only national gathering organised specifically for professional land-based contractors, being held on December 14 at the East of England Showground, Peterborough.

“The programme should attract everyone with an interest in providing contract services,” suggests Ray Spinks. “With speakers such as the NFU president, a food chain expert and the national adviser with the agricultural valuers’ association, the event should provide some useful insights into the future role of contractors, especially in a post-Brexit British agriculture.”

AgriArgo aims to forge closer links with contractors through its NAAC partnership and contribute its views and information on issues such as farm vehicle roadworthiness, operator training standards, and the machinery supply chain.

“We already have an interest in the contracting sector through operators who run our McCormick X7 and other models,” Mr Spinks emphasises. “But with the imminent introduction of the 300hp+ McCormick X8 Series, which takes the range to new levels of power and performance, we’re confident of supplying more contractors in future.”

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