Kverneland Ireland wins company of the year award

Each year, Kverneland holds an internal competition amongst its importers worldwide to find the outlet that has best developed its business across all aspects of its operation.

Kverneland Ireland wins company of the year award

Kverneland Ireland wins company of the year award

For 2021 the prize went to Kverneland Ireland, headed by Philip English and his team based in Co. Kilkenny.

Team effort

The trophy was presented at the company’s stand at this year’s Ploughing, with Philip accepting the prize from Mr. Kamada, CEO and president of the Kverneland group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kubota.

Being a company that originated in Norway, Mari Skaare, the Norwegian ambassador to Ireland was also present to congratulate the company on its achievement.

Kverneland Ploughing plough
Known best for ploughs Kverneland is working towards supplying a much broader range of equipment

Arild Gjerde, executive vice-president for sales and marketing, noted that what particularly impressed the internal judges was the introduction of the baler range to Ireland.

This included the non-stop FastBale machine which is now working reliably in Irish conditions and is gaining acceptance from farmers and contractors.

Long gestation

Although Kverneland is not the first to pursue the idea of a twin chamber baler (Claas introduced such a machine in the eighties) it has made the concept work without the excessive price premium of that earlier attempt.

Another area in which Kverneland Ireland excelled was service and customer support, according to Arild Gjerde.

As well as the balers, Kverneland is actively pursuing sales of other grassland machines as it seeks to develop its business outside of ploughs, the implement it is more normally associated with.

Kverneland in Kubota colours

In this regard it now has Kubota selling the machinery in its bright orange livery and both a mower and baler were present on the Kubota stand, the first time that the BF3500 round baler, as it is called by Kubota, has been seen in Ireland.

Kubota baler FJS
A growing range of Kverneland machinery is now appearing in Kubota colours

FJS Plant, based in Co. Kildare, is the latest dealer appointed by Kubota and it is reporting a keen interest in the brand with good feedback from customers who have taken the plunge.

Even on the first day there was strong interest from potential customers in the machinery, and those companies that committed themselves to the event are being rewarded with a good deal of exposure, which will hopefully transition to sales further down the line.

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