Kverneland increases drill portfolio

Kverneland has increased its drill portfolio with the introduction of the high-capacity, high-output, trailed DG II seed drill.

A number of key improvements have been made with the introduction of the DG II. These include improved folding and machine balance to maintain a positive weight on the tractor; transport dimensions include a 3m width and 4m overall height; road speed capability is now 40kph; and dual metering units supply simplified, hydraulic folding seed distribution heads.

“The DG II’s cross-shaft is carried on the tractor’s lower link arms, and it gains a hydraulic weight transfer system that automatically tightens under the lower link arms as the drill is folded and unfolded,” explains Kverneland product manager Graham Owen. “This clever weight transfer system also makes it easier to operate the DG II with a much smaller, lighter tractor – typically, 200-250hp.”

A new toolbar feature called Active-on also balances and maintains pressure, both laterally and longitudinally, across the full working width of the DG’s coulter bar to improve seed placement depth, while delivering up to 80kg of coulter pressure.

The ISOBUS-controlled seed drill offers dual ELDOS electrically driven seed metering units to feed each half of the drill from the grain-only 6,000-litre seed hopper. Seed rates extend from two to 320kg/ha, and include variable seed rate control. The dual distribution heads that supply the coulters can be equipped with a seed flow monitoring system to warn of blockages, and simplifying the use of this high-performance drill.

“With integrated ISOBUS control, the DG II also provides complete headland management of all hydraulic functions, in addition to full control of coulter pressure, fan speed, bout marker, track eradicators and folding sequence,” he adds.