Kuhn updates lightweight drill with improved hopper design

At the budget end of its range, Kuhn has unveiled an updated, lightweight Megant drill featuring new tine coulters, an updated terminal, and the option to add a second hopper.

Kuhn updates lightweight drill with improved hopper design

Kuhn updates lightweight drill with improved hopper design

Known as the Megant 602R, this new machine shares functionality with the previous 600 model, but it now has a limited degree of section control with half width shut off.

Twin hopper option

This latest drill may also be specified with an additional SH 1120, 110L hopper to drill two crops in the same pass.

The lightweight design of the Megant enables it to be operated by tractors of only 150hp, making it suitable for smaller tillage farms which might otherwise be relying on contractors to perform the drilling.

There are three types of tines which may be specified. These include reversible forward action, straight, and a new narrow 12mm straight tine coulter.

The latter item reduces soil displacement through greater penetration and has improved wear characteristic thanks to the addition of carbide plated points.

In-cab terminal

Along with the new drill there is a VT 30 terminal which allows it to be used for tractors with or without ISOBUS.

Compatibility with both KUHN CC1 800-1200 and other ISOBUS terminals will mean that it can offer the economy of not needing to purchase a second control terminal for tractors already fitted with either.

Large buttons, a shock-proof casing and ergonomic design is said to make the terminal easier to operate and more durable.

Stronger hopper

The 602R comes with several features from the larger Espro drill. These include spring-loaded nonstop track eradicators and side markers that are better suited to dry conditions.

A new welded 1,800L hopper capable of holding 1,200kg of wheat and drilling 60ha/day replaces a riveted hopper on the previous model.

Hopper Kuhn Budget lightweight
The lightweight Kuhn drill could enable more timely sowing for smaller farmers

This new design of hopper also incorporates internal steps to improve access to the distribution head and a shut off door, enabling operators to isolate the two compartments.

Set and forget

The Megant has been fitted with Kuhn’s Vistaflow valves which can be configured and controlled from the terminal, enabling the operator to program the flow of seed and save the settings for future use.

Vistaflow also records tramlining configurations such as the working width and wheel track to enable accurate use of sprayers and fertiliser spreaders, thus helping to reduce input costs.

The Megant 602R is now available to order with a starting recommended retail price of €49,300.

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