KUHN to focus on feeding and bedding efficiency at The SW Dairy Show

The dual-purpose PRIMOR 15070 M feeder and straw blower is large enough to take up to four 1.30 x 1.20 x 2.70 metre rectangular bales or three round bales up to 2 metres in diameter. It can be configured according to the layout of farm buildings, with a side or multidirectional distribution chute (GL or GP model variant) enabling straw to be blown to the left or right.

Two powerful intake rotors feed the turbine with a beam of six hydraulic tines above the feed rotors enabling intake settings to be adjusted and regulated according to the type of product being used. The turbine itself can blow up to 18 metres to the right and is fitted with eight bolt-on blades for pneumatic fodder separation.

The PRIMOR 15070 M has the option of KUHN’s hydraulic unroll system to clamp subsequent round bales in place and stop them from rotating while the first bale is being fed through. It is also equipped with an hydraulic tailgate with a 1.2 tonne lifting capacity for self-loading round bales. The floor of the body is fitted with a 14mm diameter chain conveyor with an optional boost floor available to provide extra feed conveyor torque for the distribution of heavier products such as grass silage.

In common with existing machines in the PRIMOR range, the 15070 M uses KUHN’s disengageable belt driven POLYDRIVE clutch system to drive two feed rotors which are equipped with 34 cutting sections for ultimate control over cutting length and intensity: all PRIMOR machines are capable of feeding all types of feedstuffs including straw, silage and haylage.

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