Jaguar-Land Rover selected Sogefi to supply the diesel

Jaguar-Land Rover selected Sogefi to supply the diesel fuel filter for its Ingenium 2.0l DieseI engine range, that includes Jaguar XE, XF, F-pace and Land Rover Evoque, Discovery Sport, Freelander to name a few.
This filter module is made of plastic for the housing and the bracket, and is mounted into the engine bay. Its filter element, thanks to Diesel3Tech™ technology, combines excellent water separation, top of the market efficiency and large dust holding capacity. This fuel filter also offers a water in fuel sensor, a water drain screw and an electrostatic discharge pin.
The benefits of this filter are:
 Extreme water intrusion management
Thanks to Diesel3Tech™ technology, the filter protects both engine and injection system, even with extreme water contamination conditions. Diesel3Tech™ separates water droplets (down to 10μm) from fuel and stores water in a dedicated water tank. Once maximum water level is reached, Water in Fuel sensor lights up a warning light on the dashboard. This way, separated water can be removed from the water tank through the drain screw.
 Long & robust life of the filter element
Thanks to exclusive chevron pleating, filter element offers outstanding Dust Holding Capacity in a reduced footprint. Moreover, Sogefi has developed its own dimensioning software, based on thousands of filter elements returned from the field from all over the world, over more than ten years. This tool enables Sogefi to rightsize filter elements regarding real life conditions, in order to avoid any premature clogging between service intervals, even in the worst conditions.
 Outstanding safety versus electrostatic accumulation
When fuel flows around the filter element, it can sometime generate electrostatic charging of some filter elements. This Sogefi filter provides Electrostatic ground pin to avoid this, guarantying vehicle and passengers’ safety.
 Safety and Cleanliness in servicing / standardization
This filter module provides a welded shell around the filter element which provides a protection of the fuel line for cleanliness during servicing. Moreover, this particular design permit also to have a unique design fitting all the engine variants and a complete vehicle range.
 Resistance to extreme Diesel conditions
This filter has been designed to withstand extreme Diesel conditions: inside a plastic housing, its filter media is designed to offer very high efficiency for particles down to 4 microns, ensuring a very long life of the high pressure pump and the injectors, while Diesel3Tech™ offers class leading water separation to better protect the fuel injection system against corrosion.
 Ecological module (lighter / no metal = recyclability)
Made of plastic, this filter is lighter than a metallic one. This can save fuel consumption. Moreover, it is more recyclable at the same time.

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