Irish machinery firm announces 2017 apprenticeship programme

The programme is run in conjunction with Solas (the Further Education and Training Authority) and Mayo, Sligo and Leitrim Education and Training Board.

For each of the options, the minimum required age is 16 years while the minimum educational requirements are five pass grades in the Junior Cert or the successful completion of an approved “Pre-Apprenticeship” course or three years of work experience (gained over 16 years of age) in a relevant designated industrial activity (as deemed acceptable by Solas).

When the programme has been finished successfully the apprentice is awarded a Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Craft – Mechanical Automation and Maintenance Fitting, Craft – Sheet Metalworking or Craft – Metal Fabrication (depending on the apprenticeship undertaken).

The programme is comprised of on-the-job training with the employer, with a duration length of about three years, and off-the-job training in a facility that amounts to almost a year.

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