Tramlines in row crops allow any sprayers and spreaders used to run on wider and
soil-friendly tyres. In practice, however, this is usually not possible, because the typical row width is as narrow as 75 cm. Existing solutions for creating wider track widths either involve totally different row widths or shutting off individual tramlines – either mechanically or hydraulically.

The WideLining System from Väderstad is the first system to apply a tramline without
shutting off individual rows on a precision drill. Instead, this tramlining system creates
a track width of 105 cm by automatically shifting the seed rows without shutting
them off. This way, the system applies track widths that are wide enough for a slurry
tanker without wasting valuable crop land and yield potential.

The three seed rows behind the tractor are shifted hydraulically from 75 cm to 60 cm, creating a tramline without increasing the seed rate on the neighbouring seeders, at forward speeds as fast as 12 km/h or more. Instead of creating the typical 150 cm track
widths by shutting off a seeder for 75 cm seed rows, the WideLining System from Väderstad produces 105 cm tramlines, for example, which are wide enough for the
slurry tanker to enter the crop on flotation tyres. In addition, the system cuts out higher
application rates in the neighbouring seeders when individual seeders are shut
off. This in turn eliminates an uneven distribution of the plants in and across the direction of travel.

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