INNOVATION AWARD AGRITECHNICA 2019 IN SILVER – Automated Vehicle and Implement Guidance in Wine-Growing

AGCO Deutschland GmbH – Fendt (Hall 20 Stand B14b) Joint development with: Braun Maschinenbau GmbH (Hall 20 Stand B14f)

Operating farm machinery under vines requires a high level of concentration from the tractor driver. The tractor must be steered precisely, while at the same time monitoring and controlling the implements. The automated vehicle and implement guidance system jointly developed by Fendt and Braun considerably increases output in wine-growing tasks – while simultaneously reducing the strain on the driver. The ground contour, vines, poles,
etc. are recorded using laser technology and the information is passed on to the Fendt 200V Vario narrow-track tractor via an ISOBUS interface. Furthermore, the 3D
position is determined with a gyroscope and the tractor assumes the track and implement
guidance based on this information.

The height and width of implements mounted on the left and right between the axles can be controlled independently of each other, however the system can also be used for the lateral guidance of rear mulchers.

The combined tractor/implement control system therefore simplifies the operation of farm machinery under vines. In addition to reducing the strain on the driver and increasing output, more exact guidance of  hese tools also enables the reduced use of other crop protection measures.