High Capacity Trailed Kuhn Bale Wrapper Offers 3D Film Application

With a 30% faster cycle time compared to the previous RW 1800 round bale wrappers, plus features which include KUHN’s AUTOLOAD capability, INTELLIWRAP system and optional 3D wrapping, the new RW 1810 can wrap up to 100 bales per hour with six layers of film on a 1.25 m bale.

Two high speed satellite wrapping arms rotate at up to 40 rpm during wrapping (when driving at 5 kph or faster) and apply 70% pre-stretch to the film as standard to produce a tightly bound bale. The amount of pre-stretch can also be reduced to 60% where necessary and the wrapper can be set to automatically stop or operate at half speed if one of the film rolls tears or runs out.

KUHN’s AUTOLOAD facility enables the new machine to quickly, gently and automatically load, wrap and unload round bales of up to 1,400 kg in weight and up to 160 cm in diameter without any operator input and without the need for the tractor and baler to come to a standstill. This not only increases overall capacity, but also reduces fuel consumption and prevents operator fatigue. The AUTOLOAD facility also enables the RW 1810 to be operated behind a tractor or directly behind a baler.

The new machine is operated via a VT30 control box with 3.5” colour and touch screen which uses KUHN’s PROCESSVIEW software to control all the machine’s wrapping functions and settings. A single button push switches the machine from transport mode to full working mode, with the drawbar and satellite wrapping arms automatically set to the correct position for work to commence. At the same time, the wrapping table is automatically tilted and the loading arm opened to take the first bale. The VT30 controller also allows drawbar angle and bale diameter to be adjusted and allows the operator to manually override the loading and unloading sequences.

Film application is controlled by KUHN’s INTELLIWRAP system which allows the operator to select the number of film layers (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) and to adjust film overlap to match local conditions, crop quality and storage periods.

KUHN’s optional 3D wrapping system, which uses pivoting pre-stretchers, can also be specified: this system packs a tighter bale by removing more air and ensures the edges of the bale are better protected by creating a 20 cm overlap across this vulnerable zone. It also prevents rigid grass stems from puncturing the first layers of film by applying the film in the same direction that the bale is turning on the wrapping table.

An extended (+30cm) drawbar and optional cat. 2/3 swivel headstock aid manoeuvrability and enable eight rolls of film to be stored on the drawbar. With an additional two rolls mounted on the film dispensers, the RW 1810 can carry enough film to cover 200 bales with up to 6 layers.

The machine’s working components are easily accessed via large hydraulic side covers, while simple, but effective design elements such as large dimension mudguards prevent film damage during transport.

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