Hi-Spec at AgriScot 2019

Slurry and muck are valuable commodities and at this year’s AgriScot Hi-Spec Engineering will be focussing on the extensive range of muck and slurry handling machinery manufactured by the company in addition to their popular range of diet feeders.

For spreading solid muck, on display will be the unique XCEL 1250 rear discharge spreader which uses a combination of rotary chains with flails to achieve a good break-up of material, which is then spread by a pair of spinning discs. Also on display will be a 10 cubic yard Hi-Spec SS1000 side spreader which, as with all side discharge spreaders is built using heavy duty 5mm thick steel.

Representing the Hi-Spec slurry tanker range, will be a Hi-Spec 3500 TD-S (Tandem-Axle Standard) tanker with a Julia 106 rain gun. The tanker is fitted with a high speed parabolic suspension running gear fitted with commercial air/hydraulic brakes, hydraulic top fill, and LED strobe beacon and rear lighting. Options available for the tanker range include a Turbofill high capacity filling system, Autofill, anti-lock braking, GPS and a wide range of dribble, trailing shoe of injector disc applicators.


Representing the wide range of diet feeders available from Hi-Spec will be a T18 vertical feeder. This is fitted with a front feed out door with a 36-inch elevator and teaser roller system, with a second door on the left-hand side. It features a programmable DG600 weighing system and a movable bale ring.

As with all Hi-Spec vertical feeders the T18 feeder features a low pitch mixing and chopping auger that creates a simple cycle action and is fitted with eight self-sharpening knives. A specific feature of Hi-Spec Vertical Auger feeders is their ability to quickly and efficiently incorporate complete bales into the mix.