Film Binding Baler Wrapper Wins Machine of the Year Award

Facing stiff competition from a range of rival machines, the FBP 3135 was selected as the category winner (by a jury consisting of 30 journalists from 18 countries) thanks to its use of KUHN’s unique and patented film binding system which helps to achieve the best silage quality at the lowest costs.

As well as improved silage preservation, KUHN’s film binding system also enables easier bale handling and plastic recycling. The KUHN system works with two standard 750mm stretch film rolls therefore eliminating the need to order separate binding and wrapping film.

The KUHN system also reduces film usage and cost by up to 30% by pre-stretching film by 70% prior to application and boasts quicker and easier roll loading thanks to a user-friendly system. Loading film rolls is also easier as each roll weighs just 27kg, compared to wide mantle film rolls which can weigh as much as 40-90kg.

The FBP 3135 Bale Pack can also be used with conventional net binding: switching between film and net binding is quick and simple as the two systems are separate and binding material doesn’t need to be swapped for different crops. In either specification, the FBP delivers high output productivity in conjunction with consistent bale formation and a reliable intelligent wrapping mechanism with 3D wrapping capability.

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