Fengle Agrochem Will Try To Broaden Its Market Network Globally

Anhui Fengle Agrochemical Co. Ltd. which company produce agrochemicals in China is planning to export its products to international markets. The company already has very good reputation in Chinese domestic market. Also the company has been developing new products received at least 15 national patents so far as a reliable supplier. Fengle Agrochem is aiming to increase their presence in many foreign markets especially in Asia, Africa and America in the next ten years.

Fengle Agrochem International Business Director Zhu Hongxiang told us their growth plans for international markets and answered our questions.

Could you explain the short background of your company?
Anhui Fengle Agrochemical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary by Fengle Seeds Corp. (one of largest listed seed company in China), is a leading agrochemical producer and exporter in China. The company owns three production bases with the total area of more than 40 ha. It has 12 sets of technical synthesis workshops producing more than 20 kinds of active ingredients, and more than 60 sets of automatic packaging and formulation production lines. Fengle is, annually, producing more than 40,000 tons of crop protection products. We have a very good reputation among Chinese farmers and are playing an important role in global agrochemical supply chains for many products. We have also established a long-term partnership with several multinational companies.

What are the advantages of your products if we compare with the others?
We’re a research-based listed company and our in-house chemists, chemical engineers and agronomists can develop many new products with high quality and competitive price. Our production expertise and application experiences help us meet the most challenging market demand. We enjoy a very good reputation among farmers in China’s local market and our brand is most widely recognized national one all over China.

What is the place of your company in your country?
Our company is located in Hefei, the capital city of Anhui province, which is 460 km away from Shanghai. Our production and R&D facilities are located in 3 different locations in the same city.

If we compare with other world brands where do you feel yourself?
We already have long-term business cooperation with many multinational companies as a highly reliable supplier. We are also developing new products with major crop protection companies and share some information with our partners. We focus ourselves on production and delivery when we deal with multination companies.

Have you some innovation?
Yes, we have received at least 15 national patents for our production process and new products. Besides patents, we own many proprietary technologies on synthesis, production line, packaging, field application, etc. Actually, we have, annually, made huge investment on new technology and new products.

Are there any new steps in your company progressing for the international trade?
In the past, Fengle has been focusing on R&D, production and domestic market. Next, Fengle will try to broaden its market network globally, especially in Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

What is target of your company within next 10 years?
In the next ten years, we would like to continue increasing our presence in many foreign markets especially in Asia, Africa and American. Our annual business growth rate will be at least 7%. We will make significant progress in expanding our export to those markets and transform our domestic-based business into more diversified business.

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