Dewulf celebrates thirtieth anniversary of the R3060 with the attractively priced RA3060 Essential.

Dewulf, full-liner in agricultural machines for the cultivation of potatoes and root crops, launches the RA3060 Essential, a standard configuration of its acclaimed self-propelled 2- row sieving harvester with an attractive starting price of €288,000.

This variant of the R3060 is being produced in celebration of the 30th anniversary of this machine. The manufacturer has combined decades of experience building the R3060 with feedback from growers to develop a unique, universal standard configuration.

A great many of the familiar features of the R3060 can be found on the RA3060 Essential. Moreover, the harvester is equipped as standard with LED lighting, eight infrared cameras and an axial module.

The Quick Change System for quickly changing between harvesting kits for various crops (e.g. onions) is also included as standard equipment. The machine is available at its highly competitive price of €288,000 by being offered as a standard package with limited options.

Depth control, automatic steering, an upper hedgehog unit and a haulm topper are not included in the machine configuration, for example. The haulm topper is, however, available as an option at additional cost.

Based on experience with, and feedback from growers about the R3060 throughout the years, Dewulf has developed a standard configuration: the RA3060 Essential. This harvester is being produced in celebration of the thirtiethanniversary of the R3000, the very first self-propelled 2-row sieving harvester on three wheels with gooseneck steering, first introduced in 1989.

Dewulf has continued developing its 2-row harvester and further optimizing the production processes. The RA3060 Essential is the result, a new self-propelled harvester at a pre-owned price.

The RA3060 Essential is aimed at agricultural contractors and growers who are looking for increased capacity at low cost.  However, this machine should also appeal to growers who are having a hard time deciding between the purchase of a pre-owned self-propelled harvester or a new trailed 2-row machine with wheel drive.

Dewulf claim that no other self-propelled 2-row sieving harvester can be as closely configured to a grower’s individual needs. Last year, for instance, the manufacturer launched a version with two haulm rollers in response to requests for better handling of potato varieties with extreme haulm growth.