Cleanable Cooling Module Application From Kale Oto

Being the automotive sector leader in technology, Kale Oto Radyatör A.Ş. develops radiators, intercoolers, hydraulic oil-coolers, transmission oil-coolers, heaters, condensers, and complete cooling modules for automobiles, light and heavy commercial vehicles, together with industrial applications agricultural industry applications like tractors, harvesters, teloscopic loaders for OEM, OES and IAM clients in domestic and foreign markets.

With the objective of complete system solution partner and customer-oriented principle, customer demands and market expectancies direct our R&D activities. The feedback received from the field in particular are evaluated in detail, and reflected on product design and development, and verified with R&D activities, relevant simulation programmes, prototype development, and laboratuary validation tests.

Substances like dust, earth, grass, hay clogging the radiator cores in the operational fields of agricultural vehicles have reasoned the need for a cleanable products. For this reason an open-close system was developed for complete cooling modules. The primary advantage of this design is to enable the user to open and clean the module via the means of pistons and close it again with ease. In effect, it is no longer necessary to dismantle the module from the vehicle for cleaning.

The cooling module open-close operational principle is illustrated as follows. In operation, the cooling module is securely closed with the lock mechanisms. Depending on the extension of the module, unlocking is performed in either 1 or 2 steps with the additional pistons and mechanism. In the first step, the products at the front group, and in the second step other coolers are exposed at the desired angles in their fixed positions. Thus, all parts of the module can be cleaned either with compressed air or liquid. The cooling module can be closed in steps with the use of pistons again only after parts cleaned with liquid are dried, and the operation will be complete after lock mechanisms are securely closed. It is important here to make sure that cleaning operation is done in the opposite direction to the operational cooling flow of the module. Otherwise, there will be more clogging problems.

Within our company structure, different designs can be built in compliance to our clients’ requirements for cooling modules depending on the position of the module and its extension limits in the vehicle.

B.Akın Kurt
R&D Overseas Projects Chief

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