Amazone Front Mounted Fertiliser Spreader: The Precise Distribution of Two Different Fertilisers in One Pass


When a mounted spreader is fitted to the front of a tractor, the spreading unit is then not directed to the rear, but to the front. This means, that when operating the spreader, one has to think of everything as a mirror image. To relieve the operator of having to think like this, Amazone has developed in-house software for the front mounting of spreaders where the spreading functions are displayed in reverse.

In this way, even when side, border or water course spreading, the spreader can be switched on at the correct side without any problem. The software also mirrors the optional SwitchPoint on/off points. That means, on a front mounted spreader, that the spread fan is pushed ahead of the machine so that the relevant switching point has to be positioned way in front of the spreader.

The precondition for transporting any front mounted spreader on the road in traffic is the compliance with the legal requirements. This includes, in the main, the road lighting and the adherence to the relevant specification with regard to line of sight. Also, to fulfil any demands on the lighting system, Amazone offers an in-house lighting kit consisting of clear front side lamps plus additional headlights.

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