Agritechnica is booming

“With 2,803 exhibitors and 450,000 visitors, including more than 100,000 from outside Germany, Agritechnica has further extended its leading role as the global industry gathering for agriculture and agricultural machinery,” said Dr. Reinhard Grandke, Chief Executive Officer, DLG (German Agricultural Society), at the conclusion of the fair on 18 November 2017 in Hanover.

“The innovations presented at Agritechnica under the main theme ‘Green Future – Smart Technology’ offer agriculture the best conditions for sustained intensification of production, which aims at further increasing efficiency while at the same time conserving resources. Digitization is a driver of innovation here.”

The following preliminary conclusions can be drawn:

1. Proportion of foreign exhibitors has grown to 60 percent

2,803 companies from 53 countries, including the world’s leading manufacturers, showed a full range of tractors, farm machinery, equipment, spare parts and accessories. The foreign share, at 60 percent, is as high as never before. The first-time participation of manufacturers from the Indian-Asian region, such as Mahindra & Mahindra, shows the growing appeal of Agritechnica, and clearly demonstrates the event’s position as the world’s leading agricultural machinery trade fair.

2. Visitor peak equaled

According to estimates for the last day, Agritechnica welcomed 450,000 visitors this year, reaching again the previous high achieved in 2015. This underlines the great interest of farmers in the latest technology and trend-setting concepts of the future. Agritechnica 2017 offered a unique platform for this with its extensive information offer. Survey results also show that visitors were very satisfied with the opportunities to extend their knowledge at this year’s fair.

3. Germany: 350,000 visitors

The survey of visitors also shows that farmers, contractors and machinery rings from all regions were very well represented. 38 percent came from South and South-west Germany, 49 percent from Northern and Western Germany, and 13 percent from Eastern Germany.

4. Growth in international visitors

More than 100,000 visitors came from outside Germany. According to visitor registration, they came from 138 countries; most of them from The Netherlands, followed by Denmark, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. Visitor growth was recorded in the numbers from North America, Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.

Agritechnica’s appeal to international politicians has increased noticeably. Numerous ministers and business delegations from all over the world learned about future strategies for agriculture at this year’s fair.

5. Willingness to invest is increasing

The mood of the industry at Agritechnica was one of great confidence, which was reflected in a high willingness to invest. As the visitor survey shows, more than two-thirds of the surveyed farmers, contractors and machinery rings intend to invest in the next two years. The focus of this investment was primarily linked to replacement and expansion.

6. Connectivity in focus at Systems & Components

Networking (connectivity) is a prerequisite for fine-tuning performance in modern, highly complex machines, where electronic components have to communicate with mechanical and hydraulic systems. Approximately 700 exhibitors presented their latest component solutions at Agritechnica.

7. “Plant protection” special feature was a highlight

Electronics and sensors play an increasingly important role in the innovation of agricultural machines and systems. This was clear to see at Agritechnica, including in the DLG “Plant Protection” special feature. The technologies and trends presented there – including forecasting models, mechanical and chemical plant protection technology, GPS control as well as drone and robotic technology – met with great interest among visitors.

8. Developing and emerging countries: Site-adapted technology required

Agricultural technology is increasingly developing location-adapted mechanization strategies. This was demonstrated at the three conferences that took place under the banner “Ag Machinery International – Access to Emerging Markets”. Meanwhile, Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development Dr. Gerd Müller initiated a press conference with the theme “A world without hunger”. In addition to technical solutions, training and knowledge transfer are considered essential prerequisites for success in developing and emerging countries.

9. Future workshops at Agritechnica

International professional events and forums that are attractive to professional farmers and agricultural experts are one of the trademarks of Agritechnica. Of particular interest this year was the 75th International Conference of the agricultural engineering branch of the Association of German Engineers (VDI). Held in Hanover and preceeding Agritechnica, more than 1,000 engineers, researchers and scientists from all over the world took part and discussed the latest agricultural topics.

10. Agritechnica has a young face

The information events offered through “Workshop Live”, “Campus & Career” and “Young Farmers’ Day” were all used by young farmers and students from both Germany and abroad to advance their future plans. The FOODnext event also took a closer look at the role and potential of start-ups in agriculture.

The next Agritechnica takes place from the 10 to 16 November 2019 (Preview Days on 10th and 11th) at the Exhibition Center in Hanover.

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