Agricast’s 1,000th high strength wheel heads for Australia

Agricast is celebrating selling its 1,000th High Strength Wheel, just eleven months after launching it.

The milestone wheel is part of a consignment headed to Springfield Hay in New South Wales, Australia.

The supplier of wearing parts introduced the High Strength Wheel in September last year, following months of research and development work, which resulted in a 24 inch, eight-spoke design. The innovative new wheel is significantly more robust than traditional counterparts.

As well as being stronger than alternatives, the Agricast’s High Strength Ring, is significantly cheaper than comparable wheels and will fit most leading machines, including Cousins, Dal-Bo, HE-VA, Twose and Simba / Great Plains.

Agricast has showcased the wheel at the Midlands Machinery Show, LAMMA and Cereals leading to a surge in orders from both individual farmers needing to replace worn wheels and also complete machine manufacturers looking for better quality and lower-priced wheels.

“We’ve been really pleased with the way our High Strength Wheel has been received,” says William Robinson, Agricast’s General Manager. “We developed this new eight-spoke design to offer farmers, contractors and manufacturers a stronger ring at a more competitive price point compared to Ductile Steel.

“We spent a lot of time on the computer designing this new ring to ensure that it’s as strong as it can be. We undertook load analysis and extensive testing to ensure it is robust and long-lasting. Unlike other rings on the market, the key advantage of the Agricast High Strength Wheel is that the wearing edge of the ring still contains plenty of metal compared to its rivals.”