What’s new on the AGRIEST stand at AGRITECHNICA?

AGRIEST will exhibit its new evolutive version of the multifunction hydraulic brake cylinder at AGRITECHNICA 2019.

Since 2016, the AGRI-POWER multifunction hydraulic brakecylinder has been a great solution for the manufacturers looking for an easy way to homologate hydraulic brakes on machines initially developed with pneumatic brakes. The Agri-Power is developed to be fixed on the same fitting plates as the pneumatic brakes. It also integrates the dynamic brake, the security brake and the parking brake into one single cylinder. No needs to add additional cables, lever or components. This patented system is homologated by French homologation center IRSTEA for machines up to 25 km/h. It is now used by many manufacturers all over the world.

For 2020, AGRIEST introduces 2 new features:
1. A Ø40 model is added to the actual Ø32 version. It will enable to use this system on mono-axle machines with high loading capacity such as Slurry tankers, manure spreaders or big sprayers.

2. A return spring can be added directly to the cylinder to make even more convenient the mounting process.