Valtra continues rallycross partnership to support the Demo Tour season 2017

“Valtra is the perfect partner for our team as there are many similarities between the sport and the brand’s spirit”, team owner and driver Laurent Bouliou comments. “Successfully piloting a competition car demands for high performance from the car and extreme precision from the driver. It also takes a great team of specialists who adapt the car for each circuit and according to the driver’s individual preferences. Valtra tractors are renowned for their high performance in extreme conditions and for being perfectly adapted to the customer’s needs.”

The cooperation with LB Racing is a natural continuation of Valtra’s long tradition of supporting motor sports. The Finnish brand has built strategic partnerships with several European tractor pulling teams for nearly two decades. Over the years, Valtra has also teamed up with well-known world rally champions, such as Juha Kankkunen, Tommi Mäkinen, Marcus Grönholm and Carlos Sainz, all of whom have also used Valtra tractors on their own farms. The Valtra factory also hosted several events around last year’s Finnish Rally World Championship.

“The partnership with LB Racing is a win-win-situation for the team and for our brand. There is a clear interest in motor sports among our target groups. Teaming up with a rallycross team allows us to increase brand recognition. Of course the cooperation also has practical advantages”, comments David Rein, Commercial Director and Brand Director for Valtra France. The LB Racing team truck, which can be extended to a fully functioning 70 sqm hospitality area, is in use for rallycross competitions on weekends. During weekdays, Valtra will utilize the truck for organizing its Demo Tour events at dealerships and outdoor shows across France in order to present its fourth generation tractor range which was recently completed by the new A Series. Participants of this year’s Demo Tour also have the opportunity to compete in Valtra’s European Master Cup competition. In the Master Cup, participants compete by driving a T Series Valtra tractor on a set obstacle course in the minimum amount of time. The national winner of the Master Cup will compete against the champions from other countries in a grand final in Finland in 2018.

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