Valtra Connect transmits tractor data to smart phones and computers, for both the customer and after-sales service

Valtra Connect makes it significantly faster and easier to service tractors. Predictable maintenance enables the shortest and most convenient service times for the customer. Service technicians can view all the data that has been collected by the sensor, from oil temperatures to boost pressure and PTO speed to gearbox functions. In case of a fault, the cause can be ascertained remotely, often in just a few seconds, and the customer advised accordingly.

The service offers users up to 154 different signals from the tractor, and the system can be used in different ways for different tasks and situations. The user can monitor in real time such useful information as the tractor’s fuel level and exact location by means of a mobile device. The service stores tractor data that can later be accessed and used for invoicing work hours, for example.

Collected data is safe and can be managed by the user

It is easy to begin using the system, which is available to all owners of Valtra tractors. With new Valtra tractors, customers can simply register for the service on Valtra’s website. After registering, an authorised Valtra service technician can install the system also on older tractor models.

The system collects data from the tractor’s onboard computer (CAN bus) and transmits it to a protected server. The customer can then access the tractor data in computer or using an app for smart devices. The data collected from the tractor is the property of the customer, who can decide what data is collected and sent to service technicians, for example.

“The Valtra Connect service further improves the user experience while enhancing efficiency and productivity. As a mobile service it travels with the customer, who can access both real-time and historical data. The driver is constantly aware of the condition of the tractor and if necessary can contact a service technician. This makes consultation faster, reduces downtime and eliminates unnecessary visits to the service technician,” says Olli Honkamäki, Marketing Manager.

Valtra Connect is currently being tested among selected customers in Finland and Sweden. The service will be made available in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark as of the beginning of 2018. During 2018 the service will also be made available in Germany, France, the Benelux countries and other EU countries.

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