Vaderstad Launch New Crosscutter Disc For Improved Mixing

CrossCutter Disc is fitted to the Väderstad Carrier and has a working width of 3m to 12.25m. The new disc has a diameter of 450mm and is produced in high-quality V-55 Swedish steel. Each disc is individually mounted to a rubber suspended disc arm for enhanced ground contouring across the full working width of the machine.

Being a shallow disc cultivator the CrossCutter Disc is ideal for incorporating cover crops while minimising the risk of problems in the following crop. It has also shown great results on cereal stubbles, where its intense shallow cultivation helps tackle grassweeds, such as blackgrass. On ploughed land CrossCutter Disc is able to create a seedbed.

The new CrossCutter Disc will be available for Väderstad Carrier 300-400, Carrier 420-820 and Carrier 925-1225 from December 2017.

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