Unico: The First Plough Realized In The “New” Moro Productive Plant

Presented in worldwide preview at EIMA 2014, UNICO is a versatile and adaptable plough. And is ready to become one of top range machine of Maschio Gaspardo.

It’s the first “son” of the renewed MORO plant of Concordia Saggittaria (Venice), and has been presented in worldwide preview at the EIMA 2014 fair of Bologna.

Unico is the first parallelogram adjustable on- furrow plough of Maschio range. A modern design, sturdy structure and technical solutions to facilitate tillage: these are the features of Unico, available in different versions, from 2 to 5+1 ploughshares, with shearing pin or hydro-pneumatic safety system and mechanical or hydraulic working width adjustment.

It’s the first machine realized in the new plant, completely renewed at the beginning of 2014: dimensions enlarged from 5.000 mq to 12.000, new machinery, and respect for the three main rules of Maschio plants of efficiency, order, rationality. Because, to offer an always better product, productive plants of high quality are necessary.

The new Unico plough will be available in 2015. His strength is the “Smooth Set” parallelogram system, realized to accelerate the time of setting and improve precision in tillage. The parallelogram, indeed, maintains always the first element and the pull line alignment in line with the setting of the operator, also if the working width changes.
Smooth Set ensures fast setting and a uniform regulation of the machine, but Maschio Gaspardo realized many solutions to adapt the plough to every kind of soil, residual o working depth, thanks to the pin regulation system (skimmers and depth wheel) and fast replaceable elements (moldboards and headstocks).

With the hydraulic control (optional) is also possible to set the first element directly from the tractor’s cabin.
Thanks to these features, Unico can work on the same day different kind of soil. And there’s no need to bring the toolbox: Unico’s skimmers are manually adjustable. Also the moldboard can be quickly replaced, because is possible to change just the mouldboard, without separating the whole group coulter-ploughshare-mouldboard.

The connection between headstock and tractor must be stable and sturdy: for this reason, the lifter hitch is fixed on strong bolted flanges while the third point is firmly connected to the headstock. The lifter hitches can be quickly removed, allowing very quick shifts in configuration from rigid to steering headstock or even to the “quick-match” connection.


HP 70-180
FRAME (mm) 120 x 120
85 cm 2 – 5+1
95 cm 2 – 5+1
105 cm 2 – 4+1

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