TürkTraktör Celebrating 70th Anniversary with the 1,111,111th Tractor

TürkTraktör, the first manufacturer of the Turkish automotive sector, reached an important milestone in its 70th anniversary with the production of the 1,111,111th tractor. Having a domestic component rate of more than 90%, TürkTraktör completed the production of 100,000 tractors in just two years after its 1 millionth tractor. The ceremony organized for this important milestone at the TürkTraktör Ankara and Sakarya factories welcomed all employees.

Stating TürkTraktör’s aim to create value for all stakeholders with the same excitement and determination felt 70 years ago, Aykut Özüner, TürkTraktör Company Leader, said: “As the TürkTraktör family, we are happy to reach another important milestone in our history full of achievements. It makes us proud to reach this milestone while we celebrate our 70th anniversary.” Noting the record-breaking production of 51,423 tractors in 2023, Özüner added: “I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to TürkTraktör employees, who have devoted their days and nights to reach this milestone, our farmers, who make TürkTraktör the market leader for years, and our shareholders for their constant trust and support.”

Nebi Doğan Özdöngül, TürkTraktör Industrial Operations Business Leader, said: “We constantly increase our production capacity thanks to our experience of 70 years, modern facilities and R&D investments. After manufacturing the first 500,000 tractors in 52 years, we completed the production of another 500,000 tractors in 15 years. It took only two years to manufacture 100,000 tractors, realizing 10% of our total production in history, which proves our commitment to continuous improvement.”

TürkTraktör started its activities in 1954, and manufactured its first tractor in 1955. The Company’s 500,000th tractor left the production line in 2007, and 1,000,000th tractor in 2022. Realizing 55% of the total tractor production in Turkey and 81% of the total exports volume as of the end of November 2023, TürkTraktör is the leader of the domestic market for 17 years in a row. In 2023, TürkTraktör reached a record-breaking production volume of 51,423 tractors in 2023 and completed the sale of 35,849 tractors to the domestic market while exporting 16,016 units to the global markets.


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