Tümosan Exhibits New Garden Models and The First Tümosan Trademarked Equipment

Tümosan exhibits its renewed models, new garden models, Tümosan trademarked baler and the front loader.

Garden tractors have turned into a prominent segment with its ever increasing market shares in Turkish tractor market. While market share of garden tractors was 3% ten years ago, this rate has increased up to 10% today.

Tümosan put Maksima series tractors having the first domestically produced engine of 115 horsepower on the market last year. This series has attracted great attention of farmers thanks to its comfort, performance and in particular, appearance. Same bonnet image is applied to other series in line with demands of the farmers in that garden series is first considered in this scope.

Tümosan garden tractors are at disposal of garden farmers with its high bollard pull and tail axle performance, reasonable price, widespread service and spare parts alternatives and finally, its modern image.

Agriculture machinery sector comprises of two components, namely, tractor and equipment. Even though tractor is the most significant means of investment in terms of the farmers, great number of agriculture machineries (equipment) is needed by a tractor for fulfilment of various agricultural processes. Number of equipment per tractor is 6-7 pcs. In Turkey; however, this figure is 10-12 machines in European Union. Increase in number of equipment in any plant makes better usage of tractor power. Remarkable improvements are achieved in diversification and quality of equipment as an outcome of increase in awareness of farmers and 50% grant support offered for wide range of equipment.

In addition to the high-performance and reasonable-priced tractors manufactured locally, Tümosan has entered to the equipment sector in 2015. Initially, they offered Tümosan trademarked baler and the front loader to the market.

Tümosan baler
Balers are offered in 3 different models described below;
– Standard chopping unit with 3 cords (collector width: 155 cm)
– Wide chopping unit with 3 cords and wide collector (170 cm)
– With 2 cords but no chopping unit (for herb bale)

Tümosan front loader
Front loaders are designed for Tümosan tractor series in various sizes and will be offered in 5 different models.
Front loader models;
– Efe 1 for 7000, 7100, 8000, 8100 series,
– Efe 2 for 9100 Maksima series,
– Zeybek 1 for 4000, 4100, 4200 series
– Zeybek 2 for 5200 series and
– Zeybek 3 for 6000-6100 series.

All front loaders are joy stick controlled and rear counter balanced. Efe 1 and Efe 2 have openable buckets and 3 lines; whereas, Zeybek models have flat buckets.

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