Tong launches next generation Fieldloader PRO

Vegetable handling equipment manufacturer Tong Engineering, has announced the launch of its next generation Fieldloader machine, the Fieldloader PRO.

Based on the same principles as Tong’s Fieldloader, which offers in-field and on-farm cleaning and loading of crop, the Fieldloader PRO has been designed with even greater flexibility, transportability and the gentlest handling in mind.

“Talking to our customers, there is a definite emphasis on reducing ‘crop miles’ and the amount of harvest-related soil on the roads by loading crop at the field side,” says Edward Tong, Managing Director at Tong Engineering. “The Fieldloader PRO will receive and clean crop at high capacities straight from trailers filled by the harvester, ensuring soil and debris is removed from crop in the field, whilst significantly reducing unnecessary transport of crop from field to farm.”

At under 10 metres long in transport mode, the self-contained and compact Fieldloader PRO features a high capacity reception hopper feeding a choice of crop cleaning units. The Fieldloader PRO is built with a spacious 4-man inspection area before crop transfers to Tong’s new-style foldable cart elevator which cradles crop deep into the bulker trailer. The new machine also comes complete with a super-silent onboard generator, which provides power efficiency for in-field cleaning, or can be bypassed for mains power when operating on-farm.

“What makes the Fieldloader PRO different is the multiple cleaning options available to customers, as well as the new wider cart elevator which can be specified up to 1.5m wide,” says Edward Tong, Managing Director at Tong Engineering.

“The new Fieldloader PRO is designed to be extremely versatile; it is suitable for multi-crop use, working effectively on potatoes, carrots and onions. Customers can also choose any Tong cleaning unit as part of the machine, including our advanced EasyClean separator available with Auto-Touch HMI controls. Our high-speed PU coil cleaning system and star coil cleaning units are also available. The customer really can configure the Fieldloader PRO to meet their exact requirements.”

Built upon a heavy duty chassis, the Fieldloader PRO can be easily transported on the road from field to site, and features robust support legs for ultimate performance during operation. Like all Tong equipment, the new Fieldloader PRO is built with Tong’s Blue Inverter Technology, offering all electric inverter variable speed drive for the very best energy efficiency. Tong’s industry leading Auto-Touch HMI controls with intelligent diagnostics and maintenance features are also an option on the new machine. Depending on specification and crop type, the Fieldloader PRO can be built to effectively clean and load up to 150 tons of crop per hour.

“This next generation machine has been designed as a complete in-field crop cleaning and loading powerhouse that will ensure growers can respond quickly and efficiently to contract demands,” added Edward.