There’s an innovation for every farmer at Agritechnica 2019

Agritechnica allows farmers to see and compare multiple innovations in one place – The rate of farming innovation is quicker than ever before – More innovations are launched at Agritechnica than any other exhibition

There’s no doubt that farmers need exhibitions more than ever because innovations are being introduced at a much faster rate, according to Agritechnica Project Manager Marie Servais. She says that while there is a solution for virtually every problem a farmer might face, with so many solutions around, it can be difficult to find the correct one for an individual farm.

“That is a key reason why so many farmers visit Agritechnica in Hanover, Germany, every two years,” says Servais. “Finding an innovation that suits your farm is almost guaranteed if the number of innovative product launches at Agritechnica is anything to go by. The last event saw more than 300 new solutions exhibited that had never been shown anywhere before. In fact, farm machinery manufacturers regularly time their product launches to coincide with Agritechnica.

“Whether you are looking for a specific new item of farm machinery to increase the efficiency of your farming business, considering much larger-scale changes such as a move to a more sustainable crop production system, or a major farm diversification project, Agritechnica will present you with all the solutions in one location.”

This year, the guiding theme at Agritechnica is “Global farming – local responsibility”, which Servais says aims to point visitors towards a sustainable future in agriculture that will require sufficient food to be produced for a growing world population, while simultaneously conserving natural resources.

“The current model of global farming means that specific regions of the world specialise and produce particular crops to meet international demand,” she adds. “This trade indirectly redistributes enormous amounts of water and nutrients that are used for the production of basic commodities, as the production areas are used in a way that is too one-sided.

“Technology companies have recognised and reacted to this trend, and now offer tailor-made systems and services for the respective locations in order to allow farmers to use resources efficiently. These companies are helping growers to act responsibly at a local level, where the individual farmer decides daily on measures to manage his land and crops, from tillage, sowing, nutrients and crop protection to harvesting and integrated logistics.”

Servais says that a visit to Agritechnica will offer farmers from across the world the opportunity to see forward-looking technologies and development trends that will enable them to achieve the required increases in sustainable agricultural productivity.

“And there is another important reason why farmers attend Agritechnica, and that is networking,” she adds. “Many visitors find it easier to exchange ideas with farmers from other countries than with those in their own communities. Sometimes talking to a farmer from half-way around the globe will give you a fresh and new perspective that helps you take your business forward.

“As a farmer, you are the CEO of your farming business, responsible for its performance and development. Agritechnica’s 458,000 visitors represents a large number of farming CEOs, and know-how, all gathered in one place. Coming to Hanover in November is not only a chance to get away from the farm, but an opportunity to get a broader perspective on your industry.

“With most farmers working and living in the same place for most of the year, getting away and taking a look at what other farmers are doing, and exploring the kind of equipment they are using to make their farms even more efficient, is a valuable exercise.”

Agritechnica 2019 takes place at Hanover Exhibition Grounds from the 10th to 16th November (with special preview days on 10th and 11th November). More than 2,750 exhibitors from all over the world have registered to take part. Information for international visitors considering a visit to the event can be found online at: