The SAME Explorer: A benchmark for over 30 years that never stops evolving.


SAME has once again updated and improved its successful Explorer range to now offer seven models that comply with Stage 4 (Tier 4 Final) emission standards. These tractors are extremely versatile and adaptable, as evidenced not only by the 2 and 4 wheel drive models with 3 or 4 cylinder engines , but also by their superior manoeuvrability and tractive power.  Available in numerous configurations with various options for the transmission, hydraulic systems, front axles  and PTO variants, all of which offer the operator maximum comfort and security. Users can choose between three different wheelbases, transmissions with distinct features, a wide range of maximum permitted loads, different types of hydraulic system, various lifting capacities, cabs with varying roofs and equipment of differing levels.

Even the available options set standards, including the SDD quick steering system (which reduces the number of steering wheel turns)), the unique  Stop&Go system, which facilitates easier operation for front loader, round baling and general shuttle work). The optimised hydraulic system provides  60 ECO or 90 l “on demand” capacity, and the hydraulic parking brake for maximum safety. In fact, all the equipment has been developed with the aim of making SAME Explorer tractors even more efficient and productive.

The Engine

The heart of the new SAME Explorer is the trusty FARMotion, a modular engine designed by SDF specifically for agricultural operations. This complies with Stage 4 emission standards thanks to the use of partial exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) combined with exhaust gas after-treatment, carried out by the selective catalytic reduction system (SCR) (or DOC for the 80 model). Neither of these require maintenance or regeneration, which consume high volumes of diesel, thus keeping efficiency high for the entire service life of the engine. In addition to further boosting performance while reducing consumption at the same time, the improvements enable a higher torque to be obtained over a wide range of engine speeds, including and especially at low speeds, with a reserve that varies between 32% and 42% depending on the model. By using the hand throttle and relevant speed memory buttons, the driver can now set and fix two engine speeds suitable for repetitive jobs and recall them at any time when needed.yeni1

The Transmissions

The synchronised manual transmission with shuttle is available with four or five gears  over two ranges – with 8+8 or 10+10 available speeds , with the addition of the mini and the super-creeper, become 16+16 or 20+20. The superior quality is embodied by the addition of the Hi-Lo, which doubles the number of gears available in every direction and thus allows the speed between one gear and the next to be increased (or decreased) by 16% without having to depress the clutch. For those who hanker after even more control , there’s also the 3-stage Powershift, which gives the Explorers 30+30 gears (60+60 with the mini and super-creeper). The different variants  can then be equipped with either a mechanical shuttle (LS versions) or a hydraulic shuttle with SenseClutch response control system and Stop&Go function (GS versions). The maximum speeds that can be reached are 30 or 40 km/h depending on the type of gearbox. These road speeds are even possible with the engine at a low rpm (ECO) in versions with the Overspeed function. The front and rear differentials and the front wheel drive on the Explorers are always activated electro-hydraulically.

The PTO and the hydraulic system

With regard to the PTO, the Explorer range offers a four speed PTO system (540/540ECO/1000/1000ECO), as well as a PTO that is synchronised with the gearbox via  an independent output shaft. The PTO is engaged gradually and progressively thanks to the electronically controlled multiplate wet clutch. The PTO Auto function working in conjunction with the optional electronic lift can be used to program automatic switch-off and subsequent reactivation of the PTO depending on the position of the 3-point hitch. The modular hydraulic system is available in versions with a single 55 l/min pump, with dual 60 l/min pumps (at just 1600 rpm; in the innovative 60 ECO solution) or with dual 90 l/min “on demand” pumps. The hydraulic distributors are available with up to eight ways with a flow regulator. As regards the braking system, Explorer models come with disc brakes installed on all four wheels, which means that the driver does not have to engage the front wheel drive to achieve true 4 wheel braking. The hydraulic parking brake system (optional) with positive engagement is the most efficient in all terrains.

The Driver’s seat

The four-pillar cab offers operator comfort without compromise: The design of the interior, which is in line with the most advanced standards in ergonomics, is functional yet aesthetically appealing, making this cab the new benchmark in the market for medium-power machines.


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