The Most Consumed Nuts in Turkey, Sunflower Seed

Nuts, which are among the most popular snacks, stand out as the most enjoyable accompaniment to the enjoyment of movies and TV series and tea conversations. According to the data obtained by independent research companies from sales points in Turkey, the most consumed packaged nuts in Turkey is sunflower seeds, followed by peanuts, another fun nut.

In Turkey, the most popular nuts were announced as sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds, which make up 50 percent of the total nut consumption, were followed by peanuts. Looking at the regional consumption habits, the region with the highest consumption of packaged nuts was the Marmara Region.

Sunflower Seed

“Product consumption rate varies by region”

Stating that sunflower seeds make up 50 percent of the industry, Peyman General Manager Ali Burak Aygül said, “Dried fruits are one of the most consumed snacks in Turkey with its wide product range. Among these products in Turkey, sunflower seeds are consumed the most. It is followed by peanuts and pistachios, respectively. However, these rates vary from region to region, depending on the tastes and preferences of our consumers. We observe that the consumption of packaged nuts is the highest in the Marmara Region. In addition, in the western regions, pistachios are second in turnover, while in the eastern regions, peanut consumption is ahead of pistachio.”

“We have an intense sunflower seed export, especially to ethnic markets”

Saying that Turkey’s leadership in the production of high quality sunflower seeds also has an important share in exports, Aygül said: “We are very happy and proud of the increasing demand for sunflower seed consumption around the world. Especially in ethnic markets, sunflower seeds dominate. In regions such as Albania, where we are the market leader, nearly half of our exports are sunflower seeds. As Peyman, we will always continue to closely monitor the needs and preferences of our consumers and crown their pleasant moments with the products we offer. We will continue to touch and add value to the dried nuts sector and the lives of consumers in the coming periods with our wide product range that we continuously develop according to consumer needs.”

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