Supplementary seeder range adds versatility to Kuhn pneumatic drills


The smallest model in the SH seeder range is the SH 1120, with a 110 litre hopper. In this case, air from the drill’s main fan is used to direct product into the venturi to enable it to be applied with seed from the main tank.

The larger SH 1540, SH 2560 and SH 4080 models, with 150, 250 and 400 litre hopper capacities respectively, are equipped with their own electrically driven fans and apply product via splash plates behind the main seeding lines.

All models use KUHN’s Helica volumetric seed metering system, as used successfully on their range of mechanical drills, to maximise the accuracy of output. Application rates are controlled through the ISOBUS system in relation to the forward speed of the tractor.

“The SH seeders are an effective way of adding great versatility to KUHN pneumatic drills,” says KUHN UK Product Specialist Ed Worts. “With the main drill sowing seed in the usual way, the SH seeder can be used to sow a secondary seed, such as a companion crop used to suppress weeds, add soil fertility or act as a pest deterrent, for example.

“The SH seeder can also be used to apply starter fertiliser, slug pellets or a granular herbicide such as Avadex, such is its versatility and adaptability.

“In the case of the Espro RC and Aurock RC, which have split hoppers as standard, the SH seeder adds a third application possibility. This allows a variety of applications to suit individual requirements and reduces the need for expensive seed mixtures.”

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