Sunflower SF6830 Series High-Speed Rotary Finisher Now is Narrow Transport

“Last year, Sunflower entered a new era in tillage with the SF6800 Series, a tillage tool specifically designed to apply innovative concepts in seedbed preparation,” says Larry Kuster, AGCO senior product marketing specialist. “This year Sunflower introduces the NT Series of narrow-transport SF6830 rotary finishers — high-speed seedbed preparation in an exceptionally narrow, 9-feet, 10-inch road width, making road transport more convenient and less stressful — a great combination.”

Available in two models, SF6830-18NT (17 feet, 8 inches) and SF6830-21NT (21 feet, 5 inches), both tools transport at the exceptionally narrow roading width of 9 feet, 10 inches.

Another new feature of the SF6830 Series is the hydraulic leveler gang. The leveler gang is composed of four wavy center blades which can be hydraulically adjusted by the operator from zero to 10 degrees. By adjusting the angle at which these blades engage the soil, the operator has more exacting control of the tool and can match soil conditions and ground speed of the implement to achieve a smooth, even seedbed with every pass.

The SF6830 rotary finisher provides operators the high-speed, high-residue-flow capabilities unattainable with traditional shank-equipped finishers and cultivators. The heavy-duty design of the SF6830 Series is completely void of sweeps, combining four types of rolling ground-engaging tools into a three-step process.

“First, the SF6830 high-speed finisher uses a gang of 20-inch, low-concavity blades set at an 8-degree angle to provide just the right amount of lateral soil movement to level soil and anchor residue,” continues Kuster.

Placed behind those blades, the SF6830 high-speed finisher has sealed, service-free disc gang reels that turn at twice the speed of the disc blades. The fast rotation of the gang reels aggressively breaks up clods and root crowns, while limiting excess lateral movement of the soil. This prevents the soil ridging that normally results with single-gang tillage tools. Wavy coulter blades are positioned in a gang behind the blades and reels to continue sizing crop residue and to break up the soil, providing a good environment for root development.

The final element of the SF6830 Series is two intermeshed gangs of Sunflower’s exclusive Rotary Spider Tines. These tines are designed to ensure the soil is leveled and that crop residue is equally mixed across the entire width of the tool. The Rotary Spider Tines sculpt the seedbed floor flat, as they lift the soil and blend it with crop residue.

Because all the ground-engaging tools utilized in the SF6830 finishers are of the rolling type, the possibility of the unit plugging is virtually eliminated. The SF6830 Series is a low-maintenance, high-speed rotary finisher.

The SF6830NT finisher will be made available for Sunflower dealers to order in January 2018.

For more information, visit your nearest Sunflower dealer or

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