ROTA will announce 3 patented solution in Automechanika Istanbul

Under the brand ROTA NSK Group will launch 3 new patented solutions in ‘Automechanika İstanbul 2015’.
Automotive sub industry products, spare parts and service equipments will promote in Automechanika İstanbul which will be organize by Messe Frankfurt from 09 to 12 April, 2015 in Tuyap Fair Convention and Congress Center. Under the brand ROTA, NSK Group export more than 6000 of parts such as rod, tie rod end, ball joint, drag link, axial joint, V stay arm and torque rod to 100 countries in 5 continents.

ROTA will launch 3 of the patented solutions for occurring problems from heavy duty vehicles in steering and suspension system in Automechanika Istanbul 2015 Fair.

Longer Service Life for V Stay Arm with ‘Teflon Bearing’
ROTA offers a longer service life by preventing abrasion of products with the patented ‘teflon bearing’ V stay arm it has recently developed for off-road and heavy duty vehicles.

‘Teflon bearing’ system developed for off-road and heavy duty vehicles is manufactured from composite material and has an extended durability when compared to plastic bearing products. Due to the deformation of plastic bearings, ‘teflon bearing’ system which has a higher yield point is preferred to extend the service life of V stay arm.
Additionally, due to notch and load effect present at the end of the spherical zone in the structure, bearing material is subject to deformation in time. Oscillation angle during operation of V stay arm is extended thanks to ‘teflon bearing’. Thus, load bearing capacity per unit surface is increased and oscillation angle is increased from 44° to 50° to offer a more flexible action for V stay arm.

Driving Safety with ‘C Type Adjuster Sleeve’
ROTA offers a safe driving by preventing pull out of the tie rod end from the drag link with the patented ‘C type adjuster sleeve’ it has recently developed for drag links used in commercial vehicles.
Adapters located in the tube in drag links ensure stability of tie rod ends. Tie rod end pull out problems and irregular tightening force distributions are experienced in 3 slot adjuster sleeve used as standard version.

Rota has minimized pull out issues of tie rod end from drag link by maximizing the tightening force on the tie rod end with single slot ‘C type adjuster sleeve’ it has developed. Drag links which are including ‘C type adapter’ are observed to perform two times higher resistance than standard 3 slot adjuster sleeve according to R&D studies.

Patented Solution to Chronic Problems with ‘Snap Ring Lock’
ROTA developed patented ‘snap ring lock’ solution for snap ring pull out problems for suspension systems of heavy duty vehicles. ROTA offers more effective and longer service life for suspension parts thanks to its ‘Snap ring lock’.
Heavy commercial vehicles are used with over load capacities which are far in excess of normal operating conditions. Repair kits which are running inside the housing of V stay arm & torque rod, face pull out problem caused by snap ring. ROTA developed ‘snap ring lock’ to prevent problems in vehicles due to snap ring pull out issues. ‘Snap ring lock’ ensures that repair kit of V stay arm and torque rod can function inside the housing for longer periods.
Upon completion of laboratory and field test studies, production of V stay arm and torque rod implemented ‘snap ring lock’ commenced in 2013. ROTA exports suspension parts which are applied with ‘snap ring lock’ to in 100 countries, 5 continents and has not received any snap ring pull out complaint yet.

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