Private Label Brands Come To The Fore

Private label brands increasingly expand their market share, especially in the food industry. The growing acceptance of this product category opens up new opportunities for companies operating in this sector. Addressing this phenomenon, this year’s POLAGRA FOOD will promote the manufacturers of such products in a special way.

For many years private label brands available in discount stores and supermarkets were associated with low prices, but also with low quality. Such an opinion for a long time retained a bad aura around the product category. Only a few years ago did this view start to fade being replaced by a more positive view of products sold under brands created by retail chains. Today the sales of private label brands is increasing. This is mainly due to high quality requirements for manufacturers. Also, the awareness among consumers of the fact that private label brands are often manufactured by food industry leading companies has increased.

This year’s POLAGRA FOOD will again bring together a wide range of food producers. Positive attitude of customers towards the products sold under retailer brands creates exceptionally favourable conditions for the manufacturers. This is an opportunity to develop and use the idle production capacity.

The organisers of POLAGRA FOOD, being aware of the fact, intend to distinguish private label brands manufacturers by providing them with a unique visual identification system. In this way we want to show exhibitors that we care and that we appreciate each area of their businesses and we want to support their development. The prospective private label brands market is one of these areas and therefore our goal this year is also to intensify business contacts between private label brands manufacturers and managers of retailer chains. – says Donata Paszkiewicz.

Organiser of the Fair also emphasises that distinguishing private label brands manufacturers is also the reply to signals from the representatives of retailers who need clear guidelines for finding the right stands and manufacturers to talk about private label brands. Therefore, the companies whose sales strategy provides for cooperation with retail chains and that are open to manufacturing dedicated goods will be able to use special stand marking that will supportively guide visitors.

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