PÖTTINGER: New spare parts logistics centre

Construction started on the new logistics centre in the summer of 2016. In Taufkirchen an der Trattnach – very close to the company’s Grieskirchen headquarters in Austria – a modern 7,000 sqm logistics centre is being built on approximately 3 hectares of ground. It started full operation in Spring 2017, after just seven months of building and relocation work.

The new spare parts logistics centre is the logistics hub for dispatching consignments worldwide. It has a fully automated small parts warehouse with 31,000 bins as well as a mechanised pallet rack system with 5,500 pallets and spaces for 2,200 bulky articles. A total of around 50,000 Original spares and wear parts – from the smallest gasket through to complete implement frames – are kept in stock: up to 800 customer orders will be processed every day and 3.5 million different articles dispatched every year.

Sustainability and energy efficiency

The new logistics centre features the highest energy efficiency to make a clear contribution to sustainability: because the heat pump is linked to the sprinkler basin, the building can be climate controlled extremely efficiently using ventilation and building component activation. Energy-saving LED lighting is used throughout as an integral part of the sustainability concept.

“With this highly advanced logistics centre we will be setting a new standard in terms of efficient and flexible spare parts supply,” says Managing Director Heinz Pöttinger: “First class parts quality and a worldwide service network now go without saying. As a result we are able to provide our customers with an optimum supply of spare parts as quickly as possible.”

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