New IDEAL From Massey Ferguson Combine Wins Silver in DLG Innovation Awards

Developed by its parent company AGCO, IDEAL from Massey Ferguson is a completely new, high-performance combine range designed using requirements taken directly from farmers and operators around the world. The range sets new levels of performance and efficiency in the field and includes three models from 451 to 647hp.

In awarding the Silver Medal to the MF IDEAL, the citation from the expert committee said that “the IDEAL combine is the first combine in years to be developed from scratch and to feature special technology.”

Particular mention was made of the combine’s narrow transport width. According to the judges, “as high-capacity combines continue to increase in size to boost productivity and efficiency, road transport width is becoming the limiting factor in this development. The IDEAL combine is the only high-capacity combine that does not exceed the 3.3 m transport width and still uses ground-friendly running gear.”
Even the largest 647hp MF IDEAL 9 with 800mm tyres or the new 26-inch (660mm) inhouse-designed TrakRide rubber track system can meet a 3.3m overall width requirement, expanding the potential for width-regulated farmers.

Also highlighted by the jury was the fully-automatic header attachment with header identification which enable settings of the particular header to be retrieved. This AutoDock™ table hook-up saves time, promotes safety and minimises effort for the operator. When hooking-up the header from a table-trailer or from the ground, the operator simply presses a button in the cab and all the connections – mechanical, electrical and hydraulic – are made automatically by a robotised process

Another feature to catch the jury’s attention is the combine’s new grain pan design, known as IDEALbalance™ which provides levelling on slopes up to 15%. The unique IDEALbalance system utilises a combination of the two specially-shaped under-rotor pans. The system is insensitive to slopes up to 15% and places the grain mix in exactly the right position for the separation pan, sieve box and fan to produce a clean sample at high output.

Further commendation was given by the judges for the new sensor system, known as IDEALharvest™ which adjusts the working combine automatically. Using the grain-quality camera and 52 Mass Acoustic Detection Sensors (MADS), it automatically regulates the machine’s rotor, fan-speed and sieve settings to maintain optimum machine performance and efficiency at all times.

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