New Head of Development at LEMKEN

Burkhard Sagemüller is 53 years old and highly respected in the industry. Originally trained as an agricultural machinery mechanic, Sagemüller later graduated in agricultural machinery technology from Cologne University of Applied Sciences and worked as a development engineer for potato harvesting technology. In 1991, Sagemüller transferred to a renowned manufacturer of harvesting technology, where he held various positions in design and project management and as head of pre-development. As a highly active member in various associations and bodies, including the VDMA (agricultural technology industry association) he has established an extensive professional network, both nationally and internationally.

In view of ongoing change in agriculture, Sagemüller believes that accelerating processes and making the LEMKEN Development team of currently 112 employees fit for the future, will be among his core tasks. As farmers increase their levels of professionalism and employ even more precise cultivation methods, they will need electronic solutions, above all, to help them work economically and network their systems with minimal effort when handling planning and documentation tasks. At the same time, the basic functionalities of LEMKEN implements need to be enhanced even further and new cultivation concepts need to be explored in order to meet future requirements regarding quality of work, efficiency and environmental impacts, particularly CO2 emissions.

LEMKEN sells its professional technology in more than 50 markets worldwide. The company’s global growth therefore requires implements that are designed to meet local needs anywhere in the world. In this regard, Sagemüller will be able to draw on his extensive experience working abroad in America, Russia and India, and he will therefore personally support these development projects.

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