New Front Mounted Tank Option at Grassland Event

The new front carrier, which is available either painted or fully galvanised, is manufactured in the UK and designed to carry a 410 litre preservative tank. This has the benefit that for round and small square balers, which would normally  have 100, 200 or 210 capacity tanks, this enables a far larger capacity tank to be used, resulting in more time baling and less time lost due to refilling.

The new carrier also reduces the weight load on the baler and its convenient position and the ability to lower the frame to the ground, means that accessing the tank for refilling is far easier, safer and quicker.

The new front carrier is ideal for use in conjunction with the new Electronic Manual High Output applicator, which is suitable for use both with silage additives and inoculants, as well as the Baler’s Choice buffered hay and straw preservative.

In addition to the tank, the frame also carries the pump and pump controller meaning that when used with the Electronic Manual High Output applicator, the only component mounted on the baler is the spray bar above the baler intake. This can either be quickly swapped between balers or trailed foragers, or each baler can be fitted with a spray shield that is just quickly connected to the pump on the front carrier.

Where the front frame is used with the new 300 Series Automatic Applicator system, again the tank and pump system are carried on the frame. However the ECU that controls the whole automatic system, taking in readings from the moisture sensors located in the bale chamber, is mounted on the baler, from where it also transmits data to the iPad based control terminal in the cab using Bluetooth.

The PFC complete range of automatic and manual electronic applicators lead the way in applying preservative and inoculants products to baled crops. The premium buffered preservative enables hay and straw to be baled at crop moisture contents of up to a maximum of 30%, but without dust and moulds developing. The traditional limit for untreated hay is 15% moisture.

The new Electronic Manual High Output applicator is ideal for use with fixed and variable chamber round balers, and high capacity big square balers. The Electronic Manual system is used to apply a constant rate as set by the operator and is capable of not only applying high volume rates of silage and haylage additives and inoculants, but an upgrade also enables it to be used to apply premium buffered propionic acid to hay and straw, so ensuring all-year round use and optimum return on investment.

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