LEMKEN Steketee Hoeers Improve Detection of Shades of Blue

LEMKEN introduces the new IC-Light+ camera control for Steketee tillers, which also detects the near infrared range. The new camera control makes it easier to detect crops with a high percentage of blue in the leaves. This offers clear advantages in mechanical weed control, especially in growing onions, leeks, broccoli or red cabbage.


Allows even slender plants to be better identified and displayed

The internally developed standard IC-Light camera system in LEMKEN Steketee hoeing machines captures the RGB colour range and reliably distinguishes between hues of green and red. Thanks to its self-learning mode, the system continuously develops as it is being used. The new IC-Light+ camera now also captures hues of blue as well, allowing even very young plants or plants with a particularly fine structure to be better identified and shown. The camera easily handles even onions the size of a pin.

The IC-Light+ camera is operated via the IC-Light terminal and allows hoeing as close as two centimetres from crop plants at forward speeds of up to 15 km/h. The camera detects up to five rows of plants at a time and controls the steering of the hoeing machine between the rows.

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