Kuhn FBP 3135 BalePack Now Available With Film Binding

KUHN’s twin satellite film binding system uses two film reels to bind the cylindrical side of the bale and offers several advantages compared to other film binding systems, not least the ability to use standard sized rolls (25µm, 1500m, 750mm) therefore eliminating the need to order separate binding and wrapping film. The KUHN system reduces film usage by up to 30% by pre-stretching prior to application and boasts quicker and easier roll loading thanks to a user-friendly system which hydraulically folds the film reels into their loading/unloading position.

The FBP 3135 Bale Pack can also be used with conventional net binding: switching between film and net binding is quick and simple as the two systems are separate, making it easy to switch from one system to the other for different crops. In either specification, the FBP delivers high output productivity in conjunction with consistent bale formation and a reliable wrapping mechanism.

The FBP 3135 is available with two different intake rotors – the OPTICUT 14 or OPTICUT 23 – both with Hardox tines. Each version shares the same 2.30m pick-up which features cam-track technology for improved contour following for cleaner grass collection.

The OPTICUT 14 is fitted with 14 knives to provide a minimum cutting length of 70mm. Group selection enables the knives to be used in five formations (0, 4, 7, 7 or 14) to produce the desired chop length. The OPTICUT 23 offers a minimum cutting length of 45mm, with its 23 knives used in a 0, 7, 11, 12 or 23 arrangement. Each knife is individually spring-protected against damage from foreign objects. A drop-floor intake system enables blockages to be cleared easily and quickly by hydraulically lowering the floor and knives from the comfort of the tractor cab. After the blockage is cleared they can easily be moved back into their working position.

The FBP’s baling chamber consists of 18 PowerTrack rollers which produce round bales 1.25m in diameter and 1.22m in width. The 18 rollers have symmetrical profiles which generate exceptionally high density and reliable bale rotation in all crop conditions. Net binding is available as standard, with twine binding available as an option.

The FBP uses KUHN’s INTELLIWRAP system, which uses vertically mounted film pre-stretchers to prevent grass being deposited between layers of film for a tighter, better sealed and more consistent finish. The wrapping unit is also fitted as standard with KUHN’s film break sensor, and can be specified with the company’s 3D wrapping system for perfectly sealed bales which maintain their shape well and are better protected compared to conventionally wrapped bales.

Overall dimensions for the FBP 3135 are 6.46m (length), 2.73m (height) and 2.99m (width). The machine’s net weight is from 5,600kg depending on options selected.

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