KUHN Adds 7-Metre Model to Range of High HP Power Harrows

The new HR 7040 R is designed for contractors and large-scale arable farms and is capable of working up to 100 ha per day.

The HR 7040 R is fitted as standard with an intelligent monitoring system which relays torque and oil temperature data from three gearboxes back to the tractor cab so that the operator can closely scrutinise the machine’s operating parameters.

Like its sibling machines, the HR 7040 R has been designed to provide maximum reliability, with all components, including central and side gearboxes, casings, rotor drive, transmission units and oil circulation systems capable of withstanding the power and torque delivered by 480 hp.

The new machine uses 3.5 rotors per metre of working width to maximise its operational efficiency, and rotor speed can be adjusted up to a maximum of 500 rpm. Working depth and levelling bar indexing can also be adjusted from the tractor cab, enabling the HR to work effectively in dry or wet and light or heavy soil conditions.

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