Krone’s VariCut chops up straw before baling

The 51 VariCut knives are housed in a cassette that sits behind the pick-up reel and can be used in various combinations of 51/26/25/12/5 or 0. With all 51 knives in action, the chop length is down to 22mm, the company claims.

Designed for the Big Pack 1270 and 1290, the benefits of shorter straw are becoming widely recognised for use as animal bedding or improving mixed feeding rations. By altering the cams on the shaft, users can customise knife positions to their requirements.

The knife cassette and the baler floor can be lowered to remove blockages and easier maintenance.

The 1270 VariCut starts at £150,880 while its bigger brother the 1290 HDP VariCut has you parting with £178,600. However both balers come with double knotters and high-pressure knotter cleaning fans.

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