John Deere to wheel out new 400hp beast at Cereals 2017

According to John Deere, the 8400R – a 400hp tractor – recently set three new world records for fuel efficiency (field and transport) and maximum drawbar performance at the DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft – German Agricultural Society) test station in Germany.

The 8400R reportedly beat its nearest competitors by nearly 23% in drawbar performance and lowered the combined fluid consumption figure for field work to 247g/kWh.

In terms of mod-cons, powered by a new John Deere 9L Stage IV-compliant engine and featuring an e23 transmission with Efficiency Manager, the 8400R delivers up to 450hp (peak) with Intelligent Power Management (IPM).

The tractor is also kitted out as standard with JDLink telematics, including remote display access (RDA) and wireless data transfer (WDT) linked to the website portal.John Deere 8400R cereals uk

There are more FarmSight precision farming options available from John Deere. These include a connectivity package featuring MyJobsConnect and MyJobsManager apps, which allow drivers to view and implement jobs in ‘real time’ via their mobile device.

In addition, according to the company, John Deere is the first full-line agricultural manufacturer to introduce a navigation and logistics optimisation system designed specially for farm use.

Also on display and linked into the Cereals Event’s Blackgrass Knowledge Trail, the established 750A All-Till seed drill is available in 3, 4 and 6m versions.


The drill has an Accord air seeding system, and is designed with “large clearances” for no-till drilling into stubble or working after minimum or conventional cultivations.

It has single pass operation for grassland and rough pasture renovation.

Single pass drilling offers several advantages over a conventional ploughing system, says John Deere, including lower establishment costs, reduced nitrate leaching and increased conservation of moisture within the soil. Also, the 750A’s minimal soil disturbance at the point of drilling is claimed to offer good benefits for the control of blackgrass.
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