John Deere, Gold Medal Of The SIMA Innovation Awards 2015

The ExactEmerge seed drill is a pneumatic seed drill fitted with a vertical conveyor system for placing the seeds at the base of the furrow with a nil horizontal speed. This system allows high working speeds (up to 20 km/h) while providing precision and quality of work that is better than that of conventional single-seed drills.

On this seed drill, the descent tube is replaced by a brush-belt. The seeds are actively transferred from the dispensing system to the belt, which transports them at controlled vertical speed to the base of the furrow.

The speeds of the dispensing element and the brush-belt for each sowing element are driven at the speed of advance. The seeds are placed at the base of the furrow with a nil horizontal speed, avoiding any risk of rebound and rolling. The speed determined at the level of the dispenser is fully complied with, including at high working speeds (up to 20 km/h).

The electric drive to the sowing elements can be manually or automatically cut off (edges, points).

It also allows automatically or manually varying the density of sowing (according to a pre-established map). Lastly, it opens the way, eventually, to row-by-row adjustment.

The seed counter fitted on each sowing element provides a display in the cabin, via the SeedStar console, of the essential parameters, such as: row spacing (row by row), momentary sowing density and the surface that has been sown. The sowing parameters can be transmitted in real time via Wireless Data Transfer and recorded on the portal, and the user can thus obtain a very precise map of the quality of the sowing (map showing missing and duplicated areas, the speed of work, the support pressure,…).

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