JCB Launches Telescopic Wheeled Loader at Agritechnica

Building upon the success of the 3.2 tonne lift capacity TM320 and TM320S, the new TM420 brings 32% more load lifting ability at 4100kg and 200mm of additional lift height at 5.4 metres to more easily load high-sided diet feeders and storage bins.

The new machine incorporates all the improvements and upgrades evident on the latest-specification TM320 and TM320S, including an improved cab with instruments providing daily start-up checks from the driver’s seat; LED lighting options; and self-lubricating bushes that extend greasing intervals to 500 hours.

The newcomer also uses the same 108kW (145hp) JCB EcoMAX engine that meets Euro Stage IV / US Tier 4 Final emissions rules using SCR but no diesel particulates filter (DPF).

However, to deliver its significantly increased performance and productivity potential, the new JCB TM420 also features:⦁ Regenerative hydraulics circuit giving faster boom lowering for quicker loading cycles⦁ A tougher chassis with larger pins and bushes for the centre pivot and loader⦁ Heavier-duty JCB axles with permanent four-wheel drive to handle the increased payload⦁ 26in wheels with larger tyres to optimise traction, flotation and productivity.

Tim Burnhope, JCB Chief Innovation and Growth Officer, said: “The new JCB TM420 delivers more performance and increased capabilities to meet customer demand for greater productivity and lower costs.

“It’s as if the TM320S has been to the gym – it’s got more muscle where it counts but remains a compact and highly manoeuvrable machine that suits anyone wanting to exploit the performance and durability of a wheeled loader with the versatility of a telescopic handler.”

Expanded rangeThe launch of the new JCB TM420 extends JCB’s telescopic wheeled loader range to encompass a broader span of performance capabilities.

The 48kW (64hp) TM180 with lift performance of 1.8 tonnes to 4.5m and the 55kW (74hp) TM220 capable of lifting 2.2 tonnes to 4.6m cater for lighter-duty operations on livestock farms, while the 93kW (125hp) TM320 and 108kW (145hp) TM320S deliver increased performance for applications on larger stock and arable farms.

The TM320S, with its greater engine power, higher output hydraulics and transmission torque lock-up characteristics that give it great climbing ability, appeals to contractors engaged in silage and muck spreading operations.

What all these machines have in common is a central driving position that is familiar to tractor drivers and provides a commanding view around the machine. Also, the engine location in the tail provides a natural counter-balance, resulting in excellent weight distribution with a full fork or bucket and huge levels of traction in soft and slippery ground conditions.

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