HORTI CHINA: Exceeding all expectations High-tech solutions for the whole horticulture supply chain

Horti China will cooperate with iFresh on Horti Fresh sub brand. Together with these partners we have the opportunity to create the backbone of the Horti China concept. We  will  have  a  unique  platform  to  build  a  powerful  exhibition  with  conferences  and multimedia exposure year-round. MACFRUT and IFEMA is Horti China international partner.

MACFRUT  and  IFEMA  are  the  leading  exhibition  on  global  horticulture  area,  their  joint venture  overseas  exhibition  brand  is  Mac  Fruit  Attraction.  The  brand  Mac  Fruit  Attraction China  will  be  the  space  that  gathers  the  whole  international  participation  in  Horti  China, meanwhile add to the brand concept “The worldwide fresh produce industry” together with Horti China brand concept “High-tech solutions for the whole horticulture supply chain”.

Horti  China  will  take  place  at  the  National  Convention  and  Exhibition  Center  from November 22 to 24, 2017.

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