GROWMARK partners with Intelinair

As GROWMARK, Inc. continues to position itself to lead in the digital agronomy space, it has partnered with Intelinair, an ag data analytics company, on a new digital agronomy application to equip its farmer customers with data-driven insights to improve agronomic outcomes throughout the growing season.

The myFS Agronomy application provides additional functionality for farmers while creating synergies with myFS Solution Center for an enhanced digital experience that:

  • Enables customers to quantify agronomic opportunities impacting business decisions through data analytics.
  • Provides data-driven agronomic insights to implement solutions for diagnosing problems in the field.
  • Utilizes field data to assist with making growing decisions.
  • Allows users to closely monitor news, weather, and markets.

Equips FS crop advisors to have impactful discussions with their farmer customers based on a wide range of agronomic data.

″The new myFS Agronomy app delivers a digital experience focusing on data-driven analytics, enhanced communication, and agronomic intelligence into the hands of our FS members and their customers,″ said GROWMARK’s Director of FS Agronomy, Brendan Bachman. ″This digital experience aims to increase our farmers’ bottom line by streamlining the decision-making process for better outcomes while enabling FS to make proactive agronomy decisions and stay connected with our farmer owners.″

GROWMARK Chief Financial Officer, Brad Drake, says the new tool will help farmers stay on top of the latest technology available. ″As agronomic technology continues to evolve, farmers will get overwhelmed with more and more data to make decisions. The GROWMARK System will continue to deploy emerging technologies to help farmers manage the data in a way that equips them to make decisions that support their long-term profitability.″

Intelinair President and CEO Tim Hassinger says, ″With in-season agronomic insights and the new Analyze capability, farmers can get help monitoring their entire fields for issues during the season and then evaluate what changes can be made for the following crop season. The addition of the postseason analytics suite this year provides valuable information for data-driven decision-making throughout the entire year.″

The myFS Agronomy platform is available on iOS, iPadOS, Android, Android tablet, and can also be accessed through the web.

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