Farming made efficient by smart technology

nowledge-based initiatives are quite simple and easy to use and increase the productivity of farming. Farmers who analyze field conditions for the Farmer’s Almanac prepare it according to climate and weather conditions. So, you do not need a smartphone, while bad surprises are eliminated. However, farmers using smartphones are also getting more detailed information.

Specific models designed for local weather in every agricultural climate, including information about soil quality and plant development, offer clues as to what is happening and what will happen in the field. By studying weather patterns from the past, present and future as well as the effects they have on farming, farmers can estimate the risks associated with decision making. Thus, farmers are able to remove the obstacles that block sustainability, profitability, efficiency and environmentally friendly food production .

“Nooli,” a new field sensor that is currently still in the trial stage, measures the temperature and humidity of the soil and air while measuring relative humidity as well. Using an algorithm in this scope, the sensor allows the farmer to water, fertilize and spray crops at the right time, thus allowing the farmers to reap the benefits of what they sow.

SMS text warnings

The SMS service is an innovative concept and a early warning informational service specializing in plants and soil content. The service tracks the quality of fields across Turkey 24 hours a day, seven days a week, generating warnings and alarms for specific plant crops according to a portfolio. Thanks to the early warning system and alarm feature, farmers reduce the risks associated with the unknowns, save money and increase their productivity by taking the right steps to prevent mishaps that are sure to come from Mother Nature, also paving the way for farmers to turn their fields into major generators of profit.

Even if you are not a smartphone user, SMS messaging system allows you to receive notifications regarding weather forecasts, care suggestions related to your plants and crops, as well as natural disaster risk prevention and management (in case of ice, storms or heavy floods) in advance. With right moves at the right time, you adapt to the climate and increase your profit. This service’s monthly cost is less than TL10.

When should we use fertilizer?

It is critical for farmers to involved with the soil with the right timing. In knowledge-based agriculture, farmers can determine the timing of irrigation and fertilization in the field according to weather and soil conditions. The smartphone application Toros Gübre (Toros Fertilizers) at helps farmers determine the opportune time for fertilization.

Smartphones with dual cameras

Smartphones differentiate among unique user experiences with dual cameras and optimized software for better picture taking. Featuring wide angle, optical zoom and front camera capabilities, you will forget that the device that you are holding is not a professional camera.

Featuring dual front-and-back camera capabilities and sophisticated software and processors, smartphones have made the traditional camera obsolete in recent years. Not only global brands but also domestic brands have begun offering dual-camera models in what has become a growing market trend. Namely, domestic tech company Casper’s first smartphone features a dual-rear camera, the VIA F1, which snaps professional photos. Having two different rear cameras, one with five megapixels and the other with 13 megapixels, the VIA F1 aims to take the selfie experience over the top with its 13-megapixel front camera. With 4 GB of memory, an 8-core processor and 64 GBs of storage capacity, the Casper VIA F1 responds to the performance needs that consumers expect from a smartphone.

The Casper VIA F1 features a elegant and stylish design with a body made of 97 percent metal in solid black matte. In addition to its dual rear camera, the Casper VIA F1 allows users to zoom in their desired subject and blur the background with the “bokeh” mode allowing users to capture photographs that are more professional.

The most important feature of the Casper VIA F1 is its dual camera, one with 5 and the other with 13 megapixels. This new technology, which is used for the first time in Casper smartphones, allows users to clarify the desired object with “bokeh” depth of field effect and later change the sharpness point, pushing the boundaries in the field of photography with more details. Also, the Casper VIA F1 is sure to exceed expectations with professional photo-taking capabilities.

Offering a high-level usage experience with a 5.5 “Full HD IPS” screen, the Casper VIA F1 offers high-level durability with an aluminum metal body. The smartphone comes to the fore with its flawless design thanks to a 2.5D curved display. The screen, which has “Gorilla Glass 3” protection, is durable even under extreme conditions. The Casper VIA F1 allows you to spend a whole day comfortably thanks to the optimization of the 3000 mAh battery. And with ultra-performance mode that offers high savings, it can be used for a few hours even if the battery power is low.

With a dual window feature that allows communication and multimedia applications to be used in the same window, Casper VIA F1 pleases those with high security expectations thanks to its fingerprint reader. Any application and service can be easily used with the smartphone delivered to the user with the Android marshmallow operating system installed

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