Experience technology live: The latest machinery put to the test

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In keeping with the motto “Experience technology live”, visitors will have the opportunity to watch new machinery in action at this year’s INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA HORTITECHNICA in Stuttgart from 27 to 30 November 2016. Because at the international technology trade fair for wine, juice and special crops, there will be two machinery demonstrations taking place daily in a specially reserved hall – focusing on both special crops and wine. The machinery demonstrations will be accompanied by two special shows in Hall 1: here, visitors will be presented with the entire cultivation process for lettuce, from sowing the seeds to harvesting, and will find everything they need to know about the use of drones and robots in winegrowing and in the cultivation of special crops.

Obstacle course and special harvesting technology

The popular machinery demonstrations are just one of the many highlights, which include an extended tasting zone, the DLG Special “Smart Horticulture” and the 62nd German Winegrowers’ Congress, during this year’s programme of accompanying events. In addition to expanding the special crops programme, this industry get-together will also be focusing on the machinery, which will be presented live. Visitors will have the chance to experience the machinery live in action every day in Hall 7 at 11.00 and again at 14.00. The event at 11.00 will focus on the cultivation and harvesting of special crops. During this demonstration, manufacturers such as Lemken and CNH will put their products to the test in an obstacle course based on the DLG Field Days. Here, the crop protection sprayers will navigate a bumpy track, showing just how well they cope with the extreme demands on stability and balance, suspension and damping. Various exhibitors will be showcasing their newest machinery for the cultivation and harvesting of grapes everyday at 14.00 for approximately an hour. Innovative thinking will also be shared by representatives from German educational and research institutes. Here, visitors will be presented with a comprehensive overview of the latest ideas from the world of winemaking, as well as an assessment of their practicality. And, for the first time, the content will be simultaneously interpreted into English for international guests.

From sowing the seed to harvesting the crop

There will also be another special show taking place in Hall 1. This year’s partner country Italy will be presenting the entire cultivation process of various lettuces, from sowing the seed to harvesting the crop, in keeping with the motto “Italians take to the Field – Technology and Innovation in Horticulture”. Here, visitors will receive comprehensive information about soil cultivation, sowing seeds, replanting, eradicating weeds and harvesting. There will also be a daily demonstration (held across 300 square metres of exhibition space) by renowned Italian companies Ortomec, Argo, Sfoggia and Forigo, in cooperation with DLG/DLG Italia, that will present seven different machines used for soil cultivation, replanting and harvesting.

Drones and robots

This same hall will also be home to “Drones and Robots”, a special presentation on more than 500 square metres of space. The special show has been sponsored by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) and will showcase prototypes for advanced automation in the cultivation of special crops such as grapes, asparagus or hops. Highlights here include plant protection on steep slopes using injection drones, the automated pruning of vines or the nutrient analysis of acreage by robots. The organisers of this special show are the German Winegrowers’ Association and Germany’s Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture in collaboration with the German Agricultural Society (DLG), the State Education and Research Institute for Viticulture and Pomology in Weinsberg, as well as Geisenheim University. The drones have been provided by droneparts.de.


INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA HORTITECHNICA is the international technology trade fair for wine, juice and special crops. The main focus is on cultivation and harvesting technology, processing and process control, filling and packaging technology, and organisation and marketing. The trade fair takes place every two years at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre.

The technical supporter for wine is the DWV (German Winegrowers’ Association), Bonn. The technical supporter for special crops is the DLG (German Agricultural Society), Frankfurt am Main. In addition, numerous other institutes and associations support various themes and sections of the trade fair, e.g. for fruit, fruit juice and spirits.

The predecessor of INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA HORTITECHNICA was founded by the DWV, and from 1969 the winegrowing exhibition was held under the name INTERVITIS. In 1989 the trade fair was extended to include fruit and fruit juice, and was henceforth known as INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA. In 2014, the DLG, as a leading agricultural organisation and host of agricultural trade fairs and exhibitions, was engaged as technical supporter for special crops. From 27 – 30 November 2016, the trade fair will take place for the first time under the name INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA HORTITECHNICA.

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