Expanding a proven line of combination mowers

The NOVACAT A9 can be used as a front/rear combination (headstock for 3.0 or 3.5 m front mower) and is extremely versatile: the working width is adjusted simply using the two mounting positions. The overlap in the narrowest position using a 3.0 m front mower and the rear mower combination is 52 cm; in the widest position using a 3.50 m front mower and the rear mower combination it is 60 cm.

The powerful centre frame combined with the new Y DRIVE driveline and hydraulic NONSTOP LIFT collision safety device  ensure that the NOVACAT A9 is prepared for the toughest conditions.

The mower combination is available with swath formers without conditioners, with ED tine-type conditioners or with RCB roller-type conditioners. Hydraulic cutter bar weight alleviation is included on all models.

Y DRIVE – New generation driveline

The special Y DRIVE input gearbox with bevel cut gears features an output shaft on the opposite side. This means that longer standard PTO shafts can be used with less angle. The backlash-free driveline using standard PTO shafts has been made possible by locating the overload clutches at the gearbox and by optimising the gear ratios. The constant velocity joint in the inside mower drum provides a stress-free link between the angular gearbox and the cutter bar. The result is a smooth running system that offers a higher output, even in tough conditions and in the headland position. This also extends service life significantly.

NONSTOP LIFT – the new hydraulic collision safety device

NONSTOP LIFT is an innovative technology that ideally protects the cutter bar. Fitted to both ends, the collision safety device enables the cutter bar to avoid obstructions efficiently. The special feature is that the boom is mounted on gimbals and is hydraulically preloaded by a triangular arm. The triggering pressure is displayed at the pressure gauge and is easily adjusted. When triggered, the boom folds backwards on the triangular frame and is also raised at the front by the gimbals – a three-dimensional collision safety system. The mower avoids impact with the obstruction so that damage to the cutter bar is prevented at higher driving speeds.

Proven a thousand fold – the NOVACAT cutter bar

The heart of the mower combination is the NOVACAT cutter bar proven thousands of times in the field with its standard quick-change blade system. Tapered disc surfaces, optimised counter-chop zone and generous overlap of the blade paths ensure perfect crop flow, first-class cutting quality and simultaneous optimum protection of the swath.

Compact during transport, space-saver when parked

For road transport, the mower hydraulically folds upwards and then is locked securely in the transport position. With a transport height of 4.0 m, a transport width of 2.95 and a ground clearance during transport of 31 cm with the narrowest working width and 18 cm with the widest, the NOVACAT A9 is compact during transport. Because the centre frame is at its lowest point in transport position, there is no risk of damage. The mechanical transport interlock is operated hydraulically and is standard on the machine. No lanyard is required. That ensures maximum convenience. Parking stands are provided so that the NOVACAT A9 can be stowed in the raised position to save a great deal of space.

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